The Discipleship House

We are a Christian training-ministry focused on equipping people to love God with everything, and to love neighbor as self.

What could happen if a group of people who love Jesus decided to live together for a season and focus on the 2 greatest commandments?

If people could see how amazing Jesus is, they would want Him.
But they might never know if you don’t show them.

There is no one way to change the world with the Love of Christ, but there are many ways!

How we are doing it

  • 10 month discipleship training house
  • Hands on training opportunities for everyday Christian living

How we will be doing it

  • Prayer and worship “house”
  • Business startups providing jobs and income to local residents
  • Annual For God & Neighbor Conference

Latest News

  • You Are Invited

    YOU ARE INVITED! We have seen Christ do so many miracles-relational, financial, physical, mental, emotional-we cannot help but to thank God! And YOU are a part of that! Now, we are asking that you consider joining us for more, as part of what God is......

  • Fundraising Dinner – Celebrate

    We invite you to come celebrate with us all of the amazing things that the Lord has done and is doing with  Elmira Discipleship Ministries. Our annual fundraising dinner supports the Elmira Discipleship Ministries staff, students, and community outreaches. We would be honored if you......