#LoveYourCity Missions

June 28 – July 1, 2018


Elmira Discipleship Ministries holds to the Truth that every believer has been put on mission to love with the Love of God. The two greatest commandments, “Love God and love your neighbor”, are simple in concept, but many Christians find themselves uncertain how to live them out. What does it look like to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’? Who is the neighbor you are to love? How do you go from simply living in your city to #loveyourcity?

Whether you are a seasoned believer seeking a new perspective, a student in youth group, a family, or are new in your faith in Christ, we are inviting you to discover the answers to these questions and more!

#LoveYourCity is prayerfully designed for Christians seeking to be challenged and equipped in daily, practical love. Throughout the week, expect to learn and do some of the following:

  • Praying for people on the streets
  • Ministering to the homeless
  • Hearing from God
  • Neighborhood block party
  • Prayer walks
  • City cleanup
  • Learning to be “family” with each other

Are you wanting to minister to someone but are held back because you fear failing or doing it “wrong”? If you struggle with a lack of confidence in loving and connecting with your own neighbors, towns and cities, we believe you will walk away a changed person.

(Read a few testimonies from some #LoveYourCity participants further down the page).

2018 Event Details – COMING SOON

#LYC will be from June 28 – July 1 in Elmira, NY. There will be no overnight accommodations, but lunch and dinner each day are provided.

Registration opening soon. 

Each day is packed with greatness, full of training, equipping, outreaches, laughter, rest, sharing, and experiencing more of the Lord’s love together as family in Christ.

An average day will look like this:

8 – 9 AM – Coffee / Arrival

9 AM – Worship

9:30 AM – Equipping

10 AM – Outreach

1 PM – Lunch

1:30 – Rest

1:45 – Equipping

2:15 – Outreach

6:30 – Dinner

7:30 – Family Time

For questions or more information, contact Ben at ben@elmdm.com.

#LoveYourCity Testimonies

“Our whole youth group participated in the Love Your City event. Since it was local, it provided the perfect opportunity for a hands-on mission experience in our own community without travel, lodging, or meal concerns. During the week, lasting friendships were created, existing bonds were strengthened, and partnerships for service began. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who would like to grow closer to Christ and serve in His name.”                                                                                                                             – Heather, Mother (Attended with her family), Teacher. Elmira, NY.

“Throughout the LYC week, I was pushed out of my comfort zone as we engaged with our neighbors to advance God’s kingdom. I went into Love Your City without looking to gain anything, simply wanting to share God’s love with the people of Elmira. Instead, I was amazed at the close community I experienced with those participating in LYC! I received tremendous joy as I saw God move in the hearts of the people of Elmira.

 I even got to share the gospel with a drug addict who came looking for a free meal. It was encouraging to see how open people were to talking about Jesus.  Its exciting to see what God has planned next for Elmira.”                                                                                                          – Joey,  College Student, Corning, NY.

“What I experienced in this week-long adventure far surpassed my expectations. I formed friendships with kind and supportive peers of all ages who wanted nothing more than to exhibit Christ’s love. As a team, we greeted, listened to, prayed for and ministered to people throughout the city. Each person we encountered learned that they are loved – not just by us, but by their Heavenly Father. 

In a week’s time our team worked to clean up the city’s landscape, met and prayed for those we felt led to approach;  and we planned and executed a block party, where more than 200 community members gathered for a family-friendly night of neighboring, play, song, food and fun. We shared food, attention, and love with children who craved all three. And throughout the week, we experienced countless God-winks – moments of affirmation that otherwise defied explanation. Never have I felt such purpose and value as I did during those moments.” – Kira 



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